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IPRO's Eclipse SQL/Web Program Specifics

Key Features

  • Full analytics capabilities such as email threading, clustering conceptually similar documents, categorization, and near-duplicate identification come standard
  • Feature-rich administrative module lets managers define the workflow and permissions of reviewers
  • Workflow templates speed up reviews by grouping similar documents into batches
  • “Dashboard” generates real time reports of review progress so Administrators can easily monitor a project and make changes as needed.
  • “Production Shield” helps prevent the accidental production of privileged documents to opposing counsel.
  • Customizable layouts, including dual monitor support, allows reviewers to work how they feel comfortable.
  • High-speed enterprise workers, built on industry-leading technology allows distributed export directly from review.
  • Full integration with Allegro and eCapture allows you to perform early case assessment, analytical review, and full litigation processing on large data sets without exporting to a multitude of different applications.


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